Ensemble is a reseller of gently used items, ranging from 20 to 100 years old.  Although we are dedicated to providing the best quality products, there may be some minor signs of use.  We assume no responsibility for any damage or misconstruction of any products purchased from any form of our stores. 

Since we resale gently used items, it is important to know that we do not manufacture or design any of our inventory.  Items found in our inventory were designed and manufactured by a third party brand or person listed with the item.

All sizes should be considered as only a guide to purchase.  Customers are encouraged to consider the listed measurements for each item when deciding to purchase.

Although we take extreme measures to keep our information secure, hackers and malware might still find it possible to steal company and customer information.  If that happens, we take no responsibility in the restoration of consumer profiles in any way.  Customers are encouraged to check for the security symbol (lock) located in the far left of the address bar before submitting any personal information.  If the lock is not there, security measures have been compromised and no information should be submitted at that time.

Purchasing from any form of our store means you agree and understand this disclaimer and have not questions.  Any questions regarding anything mentioned on this site should be directed to the CEO by calling 404-905-2385.