All you need this fall is a blazer!

All you need this fall is a blazer!

Everybody goes the easy route with sweaters for the fall. Blazers, however, are more functional, favorable and fashionable. Neglecting to add blazers to your wardrobe only makes your style common and basic. In this post, youo will learn how matching a blazer with your summer wardrobe can help you be more fashionable while saving money this fall.

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In the previous world of fashion, blazers were used to dress up your wardrobe by adding a touch of class and sophistication.  Today, blazers have become a more popular trend in the world of casual styling.  Although blazers are generally more costly, their functionalities and versatilities in styling makes them a much cheaper solution in the long run.  Think of how many sweaters you'd have to purchase to create a wholesome wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons.  Pairing a blazer with your existing summer selection can help you keep warm during cool autumn mornings before easily removing it once the day warms up around noon. Below are a few looks we came up with to help you stay trendy while saving money during the short-lived fall season.


Blazer and Dress
Blazers & Dresses:
Stylish, trendy, modest and free!  Dresses make excellent pairings with blazers and they don't require a lot of work!  Grab your favorite dress, throw on a blazer, slip on some shoes and you're good to go!  This is a great way to hold on to your favorite flowing summer dresses a little longer before parking them for the year.  Try it out!
Blazer and Hawaiian Shirt
Blazers & Hawaiian Shirts:
Rico Suave! Beach shirts work with blazers because of the multiple colors and prints most of them have.  When they are paired with a solid blazer, it adds more pop while making them almost look like to completely different shirt!  Since our philosophy is that fashion is 15% clothing and 85% energy, anyone can pull this off.  So have as much fun with your blazer and beach shirt as you'd like!
Blazers and Skirts
Blazers & Skirts:
Fun, classy, sophisticated and office-friendly!  Think about the unique skirt in your closet you'd fallen in love with but can't seem to pair it with anything.  A blazers will make a great compliment to those types of skirts as they can be used to push the eye toward the fun, unique skirt. Wear it where you won't and you can be sure you won't be out of dress code.  Don't you dare let that cute skirt down this season!
Blazers and Tees
Blazers & Tees:
Relaxed, casual, young and trending! Everyone loves their graphic tees.  They are simple to wear and give a since of identity.  Rocking your tee with the right blazer will definitely set you apart from the flooded t-shirt wearing market.  Sometimes it's not what you wear, but how you wear it.  So continue to express yourself  and stand out this fall with your favorite tee and blazer.  ...And be sure to be the first to do it! :)
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